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Which Packaging Material Should be Chosen for Express Wine Delivery? - 翻译中...

Which Packaging Material Should be Chosen for Express Wine Delivery? - 翻译中...

Many wine merchants want to keep up with the big pace of e-commerce, but the glass containers of red wine are too fragile.In many cases, 30% of the red wine is broken when it reaches consumers through express delivery.The express delivery does not pay much.Consumers They refused to accept the goods, and in the end, the merchants had to pay for the loss.

This situation is largely due to the fact that the merchants did not choose the right packaging materials before expressing the red wine, and even did not use the packaging materials in order to save space, which greatly increased the damage rate.So, what kind of packaging material is the most suitable for merchants to express red wine?

Because the wine bottle is a glass container, it needs 360-degree comprehensive protection.At the same time, red wine is a high-end product.If traditional foam, waste paper, and cloth strips are used as packaging materials, it will lower the image, because it is best to choose air packaging materials for red wine express packaging materials! Among the many air packaging materials, the red wine air column bag is the most suitable product.

So, what are the characteristics of the red wine air column bag? Let's take a look together.

A wine air column bag is a type of wine packaging designed to protect and preserve the quality of the wine during transport. The following are some of the typical characteristics of a red wine air column bag:

  1. Material: Usually made of food-grade, flexible, and puncture-resistant plastic.

  2. Air Columns: Features internal air columns that are designed to cushion and protect the wine bottle from shocks and bumps during transit.

  3. Inflation Control: Equipped with a one-way valve for easy inflation and deflation, allowing for customization of the air pressure to best protect the wine bottle.

  4. Reusable and Recyclable: Typically reusable and recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly option for wine packaging.

  5. Lightweight: Lightweight design reduces shipping costs and reduces the carbon footprint of wine transportation.

  6. Tamper-Evident: Some designs may include tamper-evident seals to ensure the integrity of the wine bottle during shipping and storage.

In addition, the red wine air column bag has the characteristics of small storage space, simple operation, heat preservation and waterproof, etc.Therefore, if merchants want to express red wine, using the red wine air column bag is the best choice.

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